Portland, OR – 12/14/12 – Ivories Jazz Lounge and Restaurant – The Devin Phillips Quartet

The Devin Phillips Quartet
Friday, December 14, 2012
8:00pm - All Ages
Ivories Jazz Lounge and Restaurant (map)
1435 NW Flanders
Portland, OR, USA 97219
Other Info
Devin phillips is constantly pushing the boarders of what is considered modern jazz today. Phillips carries a torch passed to him by a long lineage of New Orleans Masters. Refusing to play music over the head of his audience, Devin's approach some how manages to bring together elements of American culture old and new. Avid jazz fans will enjoy the tradition that is so prevalent in his sound, while people new to his music always find it accessible and engaging. Phillips ability to convey emotion through his music guarantees a great performance at one of Portland's finest music venues.

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video link New Orleans Straight Ahead: In the studio and at the Weiden+Kennedy Birthday Jam

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wade in the water

DEVIN PHILLIPS: WADE IN THE WATER is more than a jazz CD; it's also the story of a young jazz musician losing one home, but finding another in the Pacific Northwest.

Also available on iTunes and payplay.fm!

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